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For people spending their days working with spreadsheets, performing the same analysis in combination with a low-code/no-code data analytics platform is not only more efficient, it's easier and doesn’t require picking up a coding language. 

In fact, if you are proficient in data wrangling operations in spreadsheets, you already have what it takes to work smoothly and productively with a low-code/no-code data analytics platform like KNIME.

Read this e-Guide to learn how you can perform all your spreadsheet tasks in a faster and simpler manner, and perform advanced analysis, without the steep learning curve of a scripting language.

Cannot Rely on Spreadsheets Alone-callout

Download This e-Guide to Discover:

Pivoting to the Future 

Understand how spreadsheet users can advance analytics skills and become indispensable thought partners for business without learning to code

How it is Easier Than Ever to Get Started with a Low-Code Analytics Platform

See step-by-step how you can make commonly performed spreadsheet tasks repeatable by building workflows with the Starter Perspective in KNIME 

How to Upskill to Advanced Analysis

Find out how you can gradually progress to advanced use cases such as training predictive models without any scripting