Location: Online  |  Price: Free  |  Language: English

June 7, 2023
5 PM - 6 PM UTC +2 (Berlin) / 10 AM - 11 AM UTC -5

About the Webinar

Learn about how to leverage the best of both worlds: visual programming and python scripting. With KNIME’s Python integration, data scientists can run their Python scripts in KNIME workflows, bundle and share as reusable components to colleagues who don’t know the language, and even build a UI for a workflow and make it available for business users as a KNIME data app.

In this webinar, you’ll see how you can build custom visualizations in KNIME (something previously only available in Python) with a walkthrough from trusted community member David Plummer.

Learn how users can create their own Python-based nodes in KNIME for powerful and collaborative integrations, and see how KNIME and Python work together to solve challenges such as stable matching (which can be applied to hospitals, HR teams, and even dating websites) with a demonstration by KNIME expert and data scientist Victor Palacios.