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Banks will always face the struggle of having more data challenges than data experts. The key to overcoming this bottleneck is to allow teams to work together on analytics (no matter their background or level of experience), so they can put their domain expertise to work in the right ways. 

Explore four banking use cases that show how KNIME helps financial institutions operate more efficiently and put data science into the hands of the broader organization.  

Cannot Rely on Spreadsheets Alone-callout

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Streamline audit tasks with automation 

Hear how ING reduced audit workload from 3 days down to 15 minutes 

Detect fraud faster with ease of deployment

Hear how Rabobank enabled 300 auditors to quickly uncover money laundering on their own 

Access data from multiple sources and improve collaboration

Hear how Sparkasse improved product campaign success by up to 200%

Provide self-service capabilities to end users

Hear how Truata enabled over 100 banks to self-sufficiently run data analytics