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The ‘360-degree view of the customer’ promised to deliver the Holy Grail of marketing: A complete, data-driven picture of individual customers, built out of interactions across all brand touchpoints.

But it ran into a problem: GDPR.

With data privacy regulations rendering standard marketing practices illegal, what could marketers do to create business value with customer data?

In this overview, discover how marketers can turn the challenge of GDPR into an opportunity: Deliver exactly what customers want, and build value for business through Advanced Analytics.
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Reliable 'Customer 360' Impact for Marketers
Identify what changes your marketing department needs to make after 'Customer 360'  

Turn GDPR into an Opportunity
Overcome data regulation challenges, deliver what customers want, and create value for business

No-Code/Low-Code Approach to Advanced Analytics
Discover real-world Advanced Analytics success stories leveraging data science in KNIME