Why enterprises choose open for innovation

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Total Cost of Ownership

A freemium model gives you unlimited editors of data workflows. Only deployments are at charge. No up-front contractual commitment or access to just a limited version.

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Start at any size and expand as needed. Mix and match technologies: third party services, data science techniques, data sources, ways of deployment (on-prem, cloud, and hybrid).

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Receive and process data from the Edge and control distributed applications.

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End to End

Full support for data preparation, visualization, analytics, and deployment. Plus: Access to real data science without the need for an additional tool: text mining, time series, deep learning and advanced ML.

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Connect with any bleeding edge technique through open source connectors. Be it for running your productive systems or just for exploring. This will keep your expert teams happy.

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No Lock-In

Open source means that all your data and your workflows are open as well. Just move on to another technology, platform, or deployment, whenever you want to leave.

From Alteryx to KNIME cover

This guide maps the most commonly used Alteryx functions to their KNIME equivalents: from importing data, to manipulating data, to documenting your workflow, through to modeling and machine learning. No previous knowledge of KNIME is required.